Friday, September 9, 2011

Taking this time to advocate for my son, Peter

Peter is one of my oldest twin boys.  He was born profoundly deaf and with medical science, he can now hear with the use of Cochlear Implants.  He is a bright, funny 13 1/2 year old boy who entered into a contest by the manufacturer of his processors, Cochlear Corp.  He had to come up with a 1 minute video explaining his new processors and why he liked them so much.  Well, Peter decided to make the video like a news cast- involving my daughter as the anchor and Peter as the reporter.  He wrote the script himself and used the tools that he learned in tv studio in school to make the background.  I amso very proud of him and want to see him get the prize.  If you have a Facebook page, please click the word "vote" and vote for Peter Artinian.  If that does't work here's the whole link below. You'll make this Mama Bear proud!

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